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Break Blade Bed Sheets

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Description of Break Blade: The series is centered around Rygart Arrow, an "un-sorcerer" born into a world of people who can use magic. These people can make quartz do many things in machinery including riding giant mechas called Golems, but Rygart is one of the few exceptions; he cannot use quartz, making many aspects of life difficult for him. Yet despite this, at the Assam military school, he manages to become best friends with Hodr and Sigyn, the future King and Queen of the Krisna Kingdom and Zess, the younger brother of the Secretary of War of the Athens Commonwealth.

Years later, Rygart is reunited with Hodr and Sigyn at the Capital city of Krisna where he learns the Athens Commonwealth has just declared war on Krisna and Zess is leading a strike force to the capital. But it is at the capital that Rygart learns that his un-sorcerer ability allows him to pilot an ancient, effective, Golem that cannot be piloted by magic users. Ryagrt soon gets involve in the war between Krisna and Athens.