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Saki Bed Sheets

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Description of Saki: Saki Miyanaga is a freshman at high school whose family is so into the game of mahjong. Despite being a skilled player, Saki dislikes playing mahjong for the reason that her family would punish her if she won or lost. Because of this, she had developed the strategy of maintaining a neutral point of plus minus zero which is neither a winner nor loser.

But when she reached high school, her childhood friend Kyou, invites her to visit the mahjong club where he belongs. After a short game with its members, the president saw something that no one else noticed, Saki managed to keep her score at plus minus zero for all of their games. Winning is a difficult thing to do, but maintaining the same score for three consecutive games is a feat the very few can accomplish. Without a doubt, Saki is a talented player whom they must recruit if they want to enter the inter-school tournament. But for a girl who hates the game because it gave her traumatic experiences, will the club succeed in convincing her to play for real and simply to have fun?