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School Days Bed Sheets

( 8 )
Description of School Days: It all started when Makoto first laid eyes on the beautiful but timid Kotonoha. He never had the guts to tell her that he was interested, but instead, would watch her at school and on the train in silence, being happy for just that.

However, a rather outspoken girl named Sekai found out about his crush after seeing Kotonoha on Makoto's cell-phone wallpaper. After teasing him, she decides to hook the two up with one another.

At first, her attempts end up in success, and the three become close enough that Kotonoha learns of and accepts Makoto's feelings.

...Of course, feelings start to change, which cause not only these three, but their classmates as well, to keep crossing the lines between love, lust, friendship, hatred, jealousy, and life and death.