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DAKIMAKURA / Anime Body Pillow Covers BY XFANCY - Anime Merchandise Store

Welcome to XFANCY Dakimakura Store, we have 1000+ different kinds of dakimakuras which are waiting for anime fans to take them home. Anime pillow is also known as dakimakura, it is a type of large pillow from Japan. The word dakimakura simply means "hugging pillows" or "body pillows". You can hug dakimakura as boyfriend pillow or girlfriend pillow. Imaging that you can snuggle up with your favorite anime characters at night, it is just fantastic!

All dakimakura covers in xfancy are all double sided print and character on the front and back are different.

Besides, XFANCY also has Anime Bed Sheets for sale. Once you have it, there is another reason for not getting out of bed.