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Anime pillow is also known as dakimakura, it is a type of large pillow from Japan. The word dakimakura simply means "hugging pillows" or "body pillows" in English. However, from a western perspective, the word "dakimakura" is primarily used to indicate the popularized image of love pillows with graphic illustrations of young female characters of a bishoujo style. Sometimes anime or bishojo game magazines give dakimakura covers away as promotional materials.

Dakimakura are over-sized pillows(usually 59 inches in length and 20 inches in width) designed to be extremely huggable. They are very popular and loved by anime fans in Japan. You can hug dakimakura as boyfriend pillow or girlfriend pillow. Imaging that you can snuggle up with your favorite anime characters at night, it is just fantastic!

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How to buy Dakimakura Covers?

It's quite simple. By browsing collection of hundreds of Dakimakura Covers categories in leftside bar. Then choose the one you like best to buy and place an order on xfancy, we will do the rest. It will take up to 7-9 days to make the pillow case for you. Then we will ship it to you. And Shipping time depends on two things, one is where you live, the other is which shipping method you choose. You can find more information about the processing time and shipping time in each product page.

You can also choose to buy the pillow body(pillow inner stuff) coming with the dakimakura cover in the product order form.

Want to know the quality of Dakimakura?

All dakimakura covers in xfancy are all double sided print and character on the front and back are different. You can visit the dakimakura details page for more info about the material we use and some photos of anime pillows.


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